Solar Storms cause National Disasters?


There are some solar storms coming to Earth that possibly can cause national disasters.

NASA officials stated on Thursday September 11, 2014 that a “rare double burst of magnetically charged solar storms will hit Earth Thursday night and Friday, raising concerns that GPS signals, radio communications and power transmissions could be disrupted.”

Solar Storms can produce what is called a electromagnetic pulse (EMP) which is a short burst of electromagnetic energy.  This can occur at many frequencies and can cause electronic devices to get errors.  If the EMP were strong enough it could cause total poer loss and electronic device failure.  This means electronics in appliances, TVs, radios, cell phones, computers and cars could fail and need to be replaced.  The first national disaster is that electronic repair shops could be overwhelmed.

The second disaster could be that transportation and retail facilities would be damaged and out of service.  This could delay delivery of food to the stores and shortages.

If the EMP were strong enough it could shut down all of our electricity causing loss of refrigeration and heat in homes as well as city water.

You can survive an EMP!

In addition to the solar EMP there is also a nuclear EMP which is part of a military weapon that can cause a wide area to lose power and damage electronic equipment and weapons.

If you have any doubts about this listen to the former US CIA expert here


Here are some suggestions to survive a solar EMP

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Surviving Alone in Alaska

Surviving Alone in Alaska

This documentary describes a method to survive the  deep cold of Alaska.  This is the ultimate survival test.  Are you up to it?





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Asteroid & Comet Dangers

Asteroid & Comet Dangers

Dangers of Asteroids and Comets is an informative video on YouTube. Asteroids can kill life as we know it on Earth. Can we really make these go away??

A large asteroid or comet impact on the earth can cause a  period of prolonged cold weather. This is what was believed to have killed all of the vegetation dinosaurs ate and caused them to die.The cold weather is caused by the enormous amount of dust put into the air by the impact  .

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Cooking during Disaster

outdoor cooking to survive disaster


Cooking during Disaster can be very difficult if you are not prepared.  My purpose in writing this article is to save your life in a disaster.

Many people have non-stick cooking utensils. These pans are great in a normal kitchen but are useless in a disaster situation.  The plastic utensils will melt when exposed to the high temperatures of cooking over a wood stove or open fire.

In a real disaster you will need to be able to cook food in sometimes harsh conditions. To start you will need a flint or magnesium fire starter. These items can be purchased at  Gas or electric stoves may not be available or operate during a true disaster.

Also a solar oven can be used to bake food usually made in a oven. This may be useful to make items that do not cook well over an open flame.

Cast iron cookware are made to perform well over a regular stove as well as an open flame. Cast iron pans will cook almost anything. Having extra cast iron or stainless steel pans is great for storing food too!

To clean up after a meal, white cotton dish towels are great. They are easy to clean with bleach. This keeps your meals healthy!  A metal bucket and shovel can be used to remove debris from the cooking area.

A tripod is useful to suspend a cooking pot over a open fire.  These can be obtained from many outdoor stores or Amazon.  To make one yourself you need some heavy duty rope
and a small saw.

Cooking on an open fire can be tricky as the fire’s temperature can change. Practicing open fire cooking helps prevent a ruined meal and will help you make a healthy meal!



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Hail Danger!

Hail Danger

Hail can be just as disastrous as a tornado
It can damage cars, windows, roofs,etc.  Also hail usually precedes a tornado!

The safest place to be is in an interior room or basement
away from windows and glass which may shatter.

When outdoors seek shelter & cover your head.  The same goes when you are in a car,  cover your head to protect your head from flying debris.

People who do not heed this advice could be seriously injured or killed!

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