Survival Schools: Essential Training in Bottom-Line Skills

When distressed conditions overtake even the most urban of areas, one’s knowledge of outdoor survival skills become exceedingly important. When we talk about distressed conditions, we’re referring to a lot of different kinds of challenges that typically don’t confront us during normal, societal circumstances. One of the common threads that binds those conditions is a lack of power; power to operate home heating and air conditioning units, appliances, and motorized transportation vehicles. The upshot of these kinds of impacts is that people will find themselves having to exist outdoors, and so learning how to best thrive outside and without the aid of any modern conveniences becomes an extremely important skill set.

Most people come to learn what they know about outdoor survival from books and videos. That’s to be expected; any sort of circumstance or task that is not common to our daily existence is not usually one with which we have the opportunity to become directly acquainted. As it is, even the number of people who take the time to properly study books and videos is, sadly, far too small.

Unfortunately, outdoor survival skills fall into the category of those things that are just not realistically mastered from passive training materials, and make no mistake…when it comes to outdoor survival, anything short of mastering the required skills is not sufficient. Navigation, finding food, shelter construction, basic first aid…these are just some of the subject areas of outdoor survival on which you will be happy to have received the proper, hands-on training when your need to rely on these skills moves from “maybe” to “definite.”

Note that not all survival schools are exactly the same in makeup and theme; for example, some emphasize wilderness survival over survival in other kinds of environments, while some focus more on so-called primitive skills training than on the specific environment in which one might find himself. There are some great schools to be found throughout the United States; here is a small sample of three of them:

Jack Mountain Bushcraft ( – Located in Maine; offers a wide variety of courses that last anywhere from a couple of days to many weeks, and which cover a wide variety of wilderness survival scenarios and circumstances.

Primitive Survival Skills ( – Located in Florida; offers courses in basic and advanced wilderness survival.

Ancient Pathways ( – Located in Arizona; offers courses in wilderness survival and primitive skills that range in length from two days to three weeks.

Of course, selecting and attending a quality survival school is but one, important aspect of preparing to persist in distressed conditions. Still, it’s one not to neglect, as the skills, techniques and strategies you learn could well save your life should you need to truly survive your surroundings. 

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